What to watch this weekend: HBO Max’s Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin + more

Last weekend, it was slowly rising about 100 degrees in many places across the country. This weekend, Six Degrees… from Kevin Bacon. Hollywood actor in crime drama returns to Showtime city ​​on a hillAnd we are sure that if we think about it for a long time, we can associate it with some other star “what do you want to watch” Weekend picks, including HBO Max’s Little Liars: Original SinAnd the new Hulu movie Not okay Starring Zoe Deutch and Dylan O’Brien. Whether you’re on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or all of the above, there are plenty of high-quality movies and shows hitting your favorite streaming platforms for you to check out (all starring actors who can definitely call Mr. Bacon). Whether you want a new movie or new seasons of your favorite shows, let us here at Decider help you find out. What are you watching this weekend and where it is broadcast.

New movies and shows to stream this weekend: Not okayAnd the Little Liars: Original SinAnd the city ​​on a hill + more

Fans of the original pretty little liars Series, rejoice! The PLL The universe created by writer Sarah Shepherd and turned into the ABC/Freeform series returns to HBO. new series, Little Liars: Original Sinset in a new city, but located in the same world as the previous series, and they are all connected neatly together by the fact that in the new series, young liars are also tortured by a mysterious character known only as “A.” As mentioned, Kevin’s Showtime series bacon, city ​​on a hill, in which Bacon plays a corrupt FBI agent in Boston, will also return this weekend. and lastly, Zoe Deutch (who starred Dirty Grandpa With Robert De Niro, who starred sleepers With Kevin Bacon) Starring Hollows Not okaya satirical cautionary tale about becoming a social media influencer.

Want to learn more about these highlights and the rest of our awesome weekend lineup? Check out the rest of the new hit titles on air this weekend below:

New on Hulu July 29: Not okay

Hulu latest original movie, Not okayWritten and directed by Quinn Shepard, and starring Zoe Deutch as Danny, a young woman will go to any lengths for likes and followers. In an attempt to live that ambitious life on Sush Med, Danny pretends to go on a trip to Paris, but while she’s on a fake vacation, a real terrorist attack happens in the city, and she pretends to be a victim. Obviously things got out of her control because she kept lying about her being there, and she started enjoying the fact that she’s the prankster that everyone cares about… apologies to Anna Delphi.

Stream Not okay on Hulu

New on HBO Max July 28: Little Liars: Original Sin

Five young women are brought together after they all become the targets of mysterious and mysterious threats from a person known only as “A”. looks familiar? This is the premise of the new HBO Max series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, which stars Bailee Madison, Chandler Kinney and Malia Pyles as a few teens who start receiving ominous messages suggesting something sinister may have happened when their parents were in high school before twenty years. Everyone has sins and secrets, and in the end you will uncover the little lies that everyone keeps. The first three episodes of original sin It premieres this week on HBO Max, with two more launching every Thursday in August.

Stream Little Liars: Original Sin on HBO Max

What’s new on Showtime July 31: city ​​on a hill season 3

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are co-executive producers on this Boston-based series (How Do Apples Love Them?) starring Kevin Bacon as Jackie Rohr, a former FBI agent who in this new season becomes the head of private security. The team of a wealthy family in Boston. Attorney General Dicky Ward (Aldous Hodge) has formed an uneasy alliance with Rohr in past seasons, and now with Jackie out of common law enforcement, it remains to be seen whether or not Ward will tolerate Jackie’s corruption.

Stream city ​​on a hill In Showtime

A complete list of new movies and shows on streaming this weekend

The above options are only scratching the surface, so you know this weekend’s entire lineup will have amazing options for what to watch this weekend! For the full details of the best movies and shows streaming right now, or if you’re still hesitating about what’s going to air this weekend, check out the full list below:

New to Netflix – The Complete List

Released Thursday 28th July

cut above *Netflix movie
other breath * NETFLIX SERIES
keep breathing * NETFLIX SERIES
Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Next Generation *Netflix family

Released Friday 29th July

Status closed: zero tea time * NETFLIX ANIME
purple hearts *Netflix movie
Rebel Cheer Squad: Get Even . Series *Netflix family
Miss Jerusalem: Season Two * NETFLIX SERIES
entitled *Netflix movie
Disconnected * NETFLIX SERIES

Released Sunday, July 31

Les Miserables

New to Hulu – Full List

Released Friday 29th July

hatching (2022)
Not okay (2022) * Hulu Original
Americans: Complete Series (FX)

Released Sunday, July 31

day to die (2022)
Customer 9 (2010)

New to Peacock – Full List

Released Friday 29th July

Amor Valenteseason 1, new episode (Telemundo)
Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separeseason 1, new episode (Telemundo)
IndyCar – Indianapolis
La Casa de los Famososseason 2, new episode (Telemundo)
love islandSeason 4 New Episode (Peacock Original)
Southern charmSeason 8, new episode (Bravo)
Tour de France – Stage 6
Watch what’s happening liveSeason 19, new episode (Bravo)

Released Saturday 30th July

Amor Valenteseason 1, new episode (Telemundo)
Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separeseason 1, new episode (Telemundo)
IndyCar – Indianapolis
La Casa de los Famososseason 2, new episode (Telemundo)
love islandSeason 4 New Episode (Peacock Original)
NASCAR Xfinity Series Race – Indianapolis
Nitro Rallycross – Sweden
Tour de France – stage 7
WWE SummerSlam

Released Sunday, July 31

love islandSeason 4 New Episode (Peacock Original)
MLB Sunday Leadoff – Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays
Nitro Rallycross – Sweden
Tour de France – stage 8
American Classical Gymnastics – For Men

New to Amazon Prime Video – The full list

Released Friday 29th July

paper girls (2022) * The Original Prime Video Series

New on Apple TV + Max – Complete List

Released Friday 29th July

amber brown
blackbirdEpisode 5

New on HBO Max – The Complete List

Released Thursday 28th July

Citizen AshMax Original Premier
monster loveMax Original Season 3 premiere
Little Liars: Original SinMax Original Season 1 premiere
Wellington ParanormalSeason 4 premiere

Released Friday 29th July

Superman and LouisSeason 2 premiere
teacher’s generation2022

New on Showtime – full list

Released on Friday, July 29

city ​​on a hill
NYC Point Gods

Released on Saturday 30th July

Showtime Boxing Championship: Garcia vs. Benavidez Jr.

New to Starz – Full List

Released on Sunday, July 31

became Elizabeth Episode 107
P Valley Episode 208
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)
Think like a man too (2014)

New in Paramount + – Complete List

Released Friday 29th July

community safety

Released Saturday 30th July

PGA Tour – Coverage of the third and final round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic

Released Sunday, July 31

The city that scared the sunset
Professional Bull Riding (PBR) Rodeo