Trump team admits fake voters are ‘fake’

A year and a half after Donald Trump and his allies hatched Fake Voter Schemewe are still learning details that are not only startling – also likely to be of interest to officials investigating the scandal.

For example, the January 6 Commission helped document the fact that the former president was directly involved in the plot. We also learned that the Trump team knows the scheme is illegal because the White House Counsel’s office tell them that. It was also a surprise when Rona McDaniel admitted that the Republican Party is the National Committee Assist Put the lists of fake voters together. Until we learned that some Trump campaign lawyers distance themselves It was planned because it was clearly doubtful.

Last month it got to the point where some local Republicans said they felt as if They have been deceived. “We were kind of idiots or useful guys,” a former Trump campaign employee in Michigan said. He said. When asked if he would volunteer to be a fake voter, knowing what he now knows, the employee added, “I would never do that.”

It’s a safe bet that the feeling was more intense yesterday after the publication of the New York Times this report.

The previously undisclosed emails provide an inside look at the increasingly desperate and often dangerous efforts by President Donald J. Trump’s advisers to reverse his election defeat in the weeks leading up to the January 6 attack, including admissions that a key element In their plan was doubtful. Legitimacy and commitment to its bills as “fake”.

According to the communications, which have not been independently verified by MSNBC or NBC News, those involved in the scheme were quite outspoken – in messages they did not expect the public to see – using the word “fake” freely and leaving no doubt that they were a conspiracy unlikely to Withstand legal scrutiny.

times highlighted One email, for example, is from Jack Wilczyk, the attorney who helped organize mock voters in Arizona. We will send ‘fake’ electoral votes to Pence so that ‘someone’ in Congress can object when he starts counting votes, and starts arguing that ‘fake’ votes should be counted,” Wilinczyk wrote on December 13. 8, 2020, in an email to Boris Epstein, Trump’s campaign strategic advisor.

The lawyer quickly added that alternative ‘votes’ ‘may be better than ‘fake’ votes. The email added a smiley face emoji.

George Conway, prominent Republican lawyer, Wrote On Twitter yesterday, “If you had asked me, for illustrative purposes, to presume a bunch of emails that prosecutors might find useful in proving a bogus voter fraud plot, I wouldn’t have thought of almost anything like the emails the Times just reported today” .

David Loveman, who served as the Justice Department’s chief counterintelligence officer, added On CNN this morning, he said the members of Trump’s team behind the plot were “malign fighters.”

The revelation did not provide any service to anyone who wanted to help carry out the plot. The Times cited another email from Willenchik dated December 8, 2020, in which he wrote that Kelly Ward, one of the Republicans involved in the fraudulent Arizona voter scheme, recommended trying to “keep it under wraps until Congress counts the Jan. 6 vote. (So we can Trying to “surprise” the Democrats and the media with it) – I tend to agree with it.”

Like the Washington Post Analytics He added, “The idea was apparently that the list of fake voters would somehow remain secret before January 6th and then spread into a reassuring political world when Congress counts the electoral votes. Exactly why isn’t clear, but it sure is a brilliant plot to overturn democracy. It’s also very difficult Reconciling with describing the fake voter conspiracy as just an emergency situation.”