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FARGO – Toys ‘R’ Us will be returning to Fargo this fall thanks to a partnership between Macy’s and WHP Global, the toy store’s parent company.

Toys ‘R’ Us will open in every Macy’s store in America this holiday season, from late July through October 15. A Macy’s spokesperson confirmed that Toys ‘R’ Us will open at West Acres Macy’s by fall 2022.

Toys ‘R’ Us stores will range from 1,000 square feet and extend up to 10,000 square feet in prime locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco.

After filing for bankruptcy, Toys ‘R’ Us went out of business in 2018.


Owner Zachary Nienas is photographed Wednesday, July 27, at Prairie Bricks, the third-party LEGO store that recently moved to Morehead’s EasTen Mall at 3202 Hwy 10 East.

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Prairie Bricks moves to EasTen Shopping Mall

meadow bricks

a third-party LEGO store, has moved from Moorhead Center Mall to EasTen Shopping Center at 3202 East Highway 10.

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For the first time as a pop-up store

During the 2020 shopping season, owner Zachary Nienas opened a store in the Moorhead Center Mall in June of 2021. At the time, he clarified that a “third party” meant that the LEGO he was selling had a previous owner, although some sets had never instance. It has been opened.

What sets it apart from Wamart and Target, Nienas said, is that they can only sell modern LEGO sets. Aside from stores like Prairie Bricks, the retired sets are only available through eBay or Bricklink, a site he describes as “eBay for LEGOs.”

Store hours are from 11 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Saturday. Search “Prairie Bricks” on Facebook to follow store announcements.


Matt and Katie Chaussee own and operate Be More Coloring located in NDSU Research and Technology Park.

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Fargo’s Be More Colorful partners with Job Service North Dakota to produce and deliver job experiences in virtual reality

be hotter,

A virtual reality company that produces a variety of job shadow simulations,

It has collaborated with Job Service North Dakota to provide its services to Job Service customers.

The 12-month beta program will feature CareerViewXR, the Be More Coloring library of career shadow experiences. CareerViewXR features everything from construction to healthcare and will be available to patrons at the Bismarck Workforce Center.

Pat Bertioli, executive director of Job Service North Dakota, expressed satisfaction with the pilot. “This is an important partnership because it allows us to put clients in these highly realistic environments for the test drive of a job,” Bertanoli said in a press release. “The virtual reality experience is very powerful. People see themselves in specific environments doing real tasks and know immediately if it is a place where they can see themselves feel comfortable and empowered. The CareerViewXR experience is encouraging and inspiring.”

Bertagnolli added that Job Service hopes to provide CareerViewXR to all nine workforce centers in the state. Additionally, the press release stated that Be More Colors will produce up to five virtual reality experiences with employers in the Bismarck area. These five experiments will be added to the existing CareerViewXR library of 24 experiments.


Amy Polert shows virtual reality technology to Lynne Olsen at General Eminent in Fargo.

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Matt Chaosi, CEO of Be More Colorful, said the company is “very excited” about the partnership. “Career exploration is one of the most important components in making an effective career decision, but the shadows of traditional jobs and field trips are limited in capacity, difficult to schedule, and have all kinds of financial, time, security, geographic and privacy constraints,” he said. “With CareerViewXR, whether its positioning at an active well site, observing a trauma team inside an emergency room, or viewing the view from the top of a live construction site, job seekers are provided the opportunity to explore all types of career paths in a safe, efficient and effective manner in terms of Cost and fun.”

CareerViewXR is geared towards viewers of all ages. It is used in an increasing number of school districts in the state. “This technology is beneficial to us in a variety of ways,” said Director of Workforce Services Phil Davis. “It’s a tool to foster meaningful professional conversations with clients at the center of our workforce.”

Companies in the Bismarck area interested in working with Be More Colors are asked to call Job Service North Dakota at 701-328-5000.