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    All 32 teams have officially started training camp but there are still a few potentially influential players who haven’t found a home.

    The market of some veterans who had been neglected in the cold began to get warm. Pirates took Julio Jones off the market, and signed their former All-Pro receiver to One year contract A week after Kyle Rudolph signed.

    Since bootcamp gives teams a better idea of โ€‹โ€‹who’s on the roster and when injuries occur, it’s safe to assume there will be more opportunities coming for free agents.

    Here’s a look at the top options available based on recent production, health, potential impact in 2022 and which teams should be interested.

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    Anthony Barr is not the playmaker who was once a four-time pro. That doesn’t mean the 30-year-old can’t help the NFL’s defense right now.

    Parr is a step slower than he used to be, but he was still an effective Vikings player last season. He led the team with three interceptions and made 72 tackles in 11 games.

    More importantly, it has proven to be able to remain relatively healthy. Having missed all but two matches in 2020 due to a torn pectoral muscle, he made 11 appearances in the 2021 campaign.

    Barr’s ingenuity and good play help him break the list. It still has some juice as a pass with 10 total stress Last season was not completely lost in coverage.

    He won’t turn around in defense but a team that can use depth in a full-back turn could be worse.

    Best fits: Dallas Cowboys, Washington captains, New England Patriots

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    Age is a major concern for Duane Brown at this point in his career. He will turn 37 this season and bring with him the equivalent of 14 seasons of miles on the odometer.

    This has not stopped him from being on the field and playing at a consistently high level thus far. Last season, he participated in 17 games with the Seattle Seahawks, receiving a score of 71.5 out of PFF.

    according to ESPNBrown ranks seventh among all offensive tackles in pass blocking win rate since 2018.

    There are plenty of teams that could benefit from an experienced left-handed intervention with the possibility to get started. However, Brown’s free agency has become more complicated. It was Arrested on July 10 Alleging possession of a concealed weapon, he is due to appear in court on August 3.

    This could hurt his chances of finding a team before the problem is resolved. However, if he was still allowed to play, it would make sense for some teams that could use veteran competition in the center of interference.

    Best fits: Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets

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    Will Fuller V is a major health hazard. The 28-year-old recipient has had a laundry list of injuries throughout his career and has been a lot of diseases In 2021 as he did (four).

    However, when Fuller is healthy, he is a deep and dangerous threat capable of raising the level of defense.

    The last time he was healthy, he scored a career high of 11.7 yards per goal and a stat streak of 53 passes for 879 yards and eight touchdowns in 2020. Then again, he’s still only playing in 11 games as he dealt with tendon injuries. knee and thigh. .

    Last season, a broken finger ended Fuller’s season. So it’s not as if all the injuries were the kind that will continue into the next year.

    At this point, Fuller is worth the risk. It would be a great addition to any team that is weak at receiver or needs a transcriber. Even if he misses a few games in 2022, he can help the team in playoff time.

    Best Fits: Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts

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    It’s interesting that Eric Fischer is still available given his solid performance with the Colts last season.

    Dealing with previous bosses has never been a premium option but has been solid throughout his career. This year, it ranked 46th among all the interventions it ranked PFF.

    The biggest thing Fischer had to prove in 2021 was that he could be healthy and play at a reasonable level. After suffering a ruptured Achilles in 2020, there was reason to doubt that he could still be a key player.

    He ended up in 15 starts for the Colts as part of the offensive line that set the stage for Jonathan Taylor to have 1,811 yards on the floor, proving that he was still a viable tackle.

    Now he is waiting for the call from a team that wants to give him a chance again. At this point, it might take an injury but there are still some teams that could benefit from Fisher entering and vying for a place.

    Best fits: Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins

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    At this point in the game, durability, consistency, and versatility are traits that are in demand when it comes to offensive linemen.

    That’s why Daryl Williams comes out as one of the best free proxy agents available.

    Williams is not a dominant blocker. It was never a Pro Bowler or All-Pro choice. However, if he is the weak link up front, this is a good unit.

    The 29-year-old has played in every possible match in each of the past three seasons, so durability isn’t an issue. Within those games, he was serviceable as a bouncer and ranger, offering the kind of multi-positioning that can be pretty big up front.

    Williams was at his best in 2020 when he gave up just three sacks and got out of it 79.4 by PFF.

    That would be an upgrade for many teams in the right intervention. Even if he can’t usurp the number one player in the position, he offers a powerful guard option as well. Anyone with uncertainty on the right side of the line should look to Williams.

    Best Benchmarks: Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans

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    The Tree Flowers’ time in Detroit was disappointing. There is no way around that. But compared to the rest of the free agents remaining on the market, the flowers have one of the best combinations in terms of age, yield and experience.

    Flowers’ numbers with the Lions are bad when you look at them in light of his five-year $90 million contract that he signed in 2019. However, when you think about what kind of pay he’s likely to be getting at this time of year, it could be a steal.

    The Edge defender’s pass numbers were disappointing. He only had 3.5 sacks during the last two seasons they were injured. However, he posted a file PFF grade 83.3 In 2020 thanks to his work defending the race.

    Flowers dealt with knee and shoulder injuries last season so his health is a concern. But there is still a chance that he will get everything right and be back to par in 2022 under a deal deal.

    This is a scenario that a team that needs depth in the edges should be prepared to bet on.

    Best fits: New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals

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    The center is generally not considered a prime position along the offensive line, but JC Tretter is one of the best positions in the league.

    The fact that the Tretter Quality Center is still available is a surprise. Last season, he ranked seventh out of all places PFF. I just gave up one bag And he only made five penalties while earning a score of 78.7 from the PFF.

    Tretter is a powerful running blocker and an elite pass protection. He should have had it Workload management In training but he played 100 percent of attacking shots in 16 games for each of the past six seasons.

    This is the kind of consistency and durability that many teams would be lucky to have in the center of the offensive line.

    Tretter makes a lot of sense for a team that either needs to replace its position or has a position that can upgrade the streak by moving into the guard.

    Best fits: San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins

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    To understand what Odell Beckham Jr could bring to the table as a late free agent, look no further than the 2021 qualifiers.

    OBJ emerged as a staple in the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl. He had 21 passes on 26 goals for 288 yards and two touchdowns, giving Matt Stafford a reliable No. 2 receiver against Cooper Kupp.

    Unfortunately, he suffered a ruptured ACL in the Super Bowl which is probably why he didn’t sign.

    Jeremy Fowler From ESPN mentioned on an episode of He woke up In June it may be October or November before the recipient has recovered 100 percent of their injury. This leaves a lot of questions but the teams interested in joining Beckham’s business are not the ones most interested in winning games in September.

    Alternatively, teams have everything to do a Super Bowl boost but can use another playmaker. That includes his former team but also a few other players who may make sense as the season begins.

    Best spells: Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs