Tennessee State basketball advanced three points in the KenPom Program rankings

Tennessee’s men’s basketball program is No. 19 nationwide in KenPom.com‘s Updated program reviewsUp three points from last year.

Software evaluations by KenPom are explained here, considering past success – using statistics during the KenPom era, dating back to 1997 – along with consideration of what is possible, conference affiliation and employment evaluations over the past decade. The highest single-season final rating in Tennessee during the Kienbaum era was No. 9 last season, and the lowest was in 1997, when it was No. 158.

“theoretically,” KenPom wrote explaining the program’s rating systemThe rating should be an indication of the success we should expect for each program over an extended period in the future (such as many years).

“But it may be more useful as trying to capture a visualization of a program. Take it as a guide to how coaches and players view the current college basketball hierarchy when enjoying job offers or scholarships.”

#1 on the list is Duke, ahead of #2 Kentucky, #3 Kansas, #4 North Carolina and #5 Michigan State. Gonzaga is No. 6, with No. 7 Arizona, No. 8 Villanova, No. 9 Texas and 10 Ohio State among the top ten.

Other programs ahead of Tennessee are No. 11 Florida, No. 12 Louisville, No. 13 Michigan, No. 14 UCLA, No. 15 Illinois, No. 16 Virginia, No. 17 UConn and No. 18 Wisconsin.

Tennessee is the highest-rated program not to appear on the Final Four, with Purdue 21st on that list.

Alabama is the fourth-highest SEC rating program, at 29th after moving up 10 places from last year. Arkansas is No. 32, LSU is No. 35 and Auburn is No. 47. Missouri came in at No. 51, ahead of Mississippi State’s 53rd. Vanderbilt is 55th, ahead of the 61st Ole Miss and number 64 Texas A&M. South Carolina, at 72nd, and Georgia at 73rd, are the two lowest-rated programs in the league.

He finished the volume in ninth place overall in KenPom.com Ratings last season, after going 27-8. They won the SEC Championship in Tampa and were ranked No. 3 in the NCAA Championship, before losing to No. 11 Michigan in the second round.

Tennessee State has a slate of new looks for the 2022-23 season after another off-season employee overhaul.

Six players from last season’s roster left the programme. freshman point guard Kennedy Chandler Entered the NBA draft while transferring five others: senior goalkeeper Victor Bailey (George Mason); wing student Quentin Debondi (East Carolina); Seeking strength forward Brandon Huntley Hatfield (Louisville); freshman center Handje Tamba (Weber State); freshman shooting guard Justin Powell (Washington State).

Tennessee State has added four players to the 2023 Signature Class, led by a five-star winger Julian Phillips. Foles also added the four-star Knoxville goalkeeper BJ EdwardsFour star suite DJ Jefferson And shooting ranger for graduate transportation in Indiana Tyrekey key.

While this season’s schedule has yet to be released, a few opponents have been confirmed yet. The Vols will play Colorado on November 13 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

Tennessee will also play Battle 4 Atlantis, November 23-25 ​​in the Bahamas, and play Maryland at a neutral location at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on December 11. The Vols will host Texas on January 28 at the Big 12-SEC. Challenging game at the Thompson-Boling Arena.

There will also be a road game in Arizona, although the date has yet to be announced.

Tennessee’s SEC Basketball Team opponents for the 2022-23 basketball season, no dates, were announced in June. The Vols will host Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and Vanderbilt. They will travel to Auburn Florida, Kentucky, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt.