See a country where only Men lives and reside -Mount Athos

In our other news article we show you a village in Kenya where only women resides, so also is a place where only men resides too. Have you ever wonder if such place really do exist for men and where it can be located? Here am going to write and talk about this place and it may really interest you. See details below.

The Monastic Republic of Mount Athos is unique in being a theocratic republic whose principal inhabitants are multi-ethnic Orthodox monks from Greece, Turkey and the Slavic countries. Although it is within the physical boundaries of Greece, the Greek Constitution recognizes its autonomy.

History: Do you know Mount Athos is the outide promontory of the three-pronged peninsula in Northern Greece called Chalcidice that extends about 35 miles into the Aegean Sea and is named after a pyramid-like peak that rises to 6,760 feet.

Before the arrival of the Christian monks the site contains several cities and legend places a sanctuary of Zeus or Jupiter on the peninsula. Organized monastic life began there in 963, when Saint Athanasius the Athonite built the first cenobitic monastery, known as the Great Lavra.

Under the constitution approved by the Emperor Constantine        Monomachus, the famous law excluding women and female animals from the holy mount was enacted in 1045. In the 11th century other Christian nations began to send representatives to Mount Athos, and princes of the Balkan peninsula and of the northern Slav countries (especially Russia) endowed monasteries, thus making the peninsula pan-Orthodox in its representation.

As the population swell, the monks turned to Pope iii for protection against the Latin Crusaders and Catalan invaders in the 13th century, but when the Turks captured Salonica in 1430, the monks broke off all contact with Rome and submitted to their Turkish rulers.

Monasteries: Like we said earlier, Mount Athos exists as a republic under the Greek government, but enjoys self-rule. Ingternal government is centered in the holy koinotics (central governing body) made up of 20 members chosen from the 20 monastries that have the sole voting power.

Historically some of the monasteries adopted the idiorhythmic monastic life, while others adopted the cenobitic monastic life. The cenobitic lifestyle is stricter and discipline compare to the idiorhythmic monastic life. However by 1992, all 20 principal monasteries became cenobitic and Mount Athos adopted the cenobitic model of life style!

Lastly the monasteries house around 2000 monks and women and most female animals are banned from Mount Athos by religious tradition of the community which lives there.

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