QB’s most motivating moment for an NFL training camp so far


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The most awkward episode in The Office is undoubtedly “Scott Tots. In it, Michael Scott has to tell a class of underprivileged students that his promise to pay for their university 15 years ago won’t come true. For a series that specializes in uncomfortable moments, director Dunder Mifflin who hands out computer batteries is something I can’t rewatch. (Well That and everything after Steve Carell left.)

However, none of Michael’s unpleasant moments prompted me to change the channel as quickly as a reporter bringing up a tough topic with an athlete (or asking a terrible question). Yes, I know that’s our business, but if I’m not the one asking the question, let me just read the guy’s response instead of sitting through SportsCenter’s live stream of post-match press.

What do they expect Daniel Jones to say after another loss in which the Giants scored 13 points? Do you want him to sacrifice his left pinky in front of the camera or what? The loss is just life in East Rutherford at the moment, and the franchise is so insensitive to Danny Spare Change’s distasteful play that when Unknown GM slandered him in their quarterback Mike Sandow ratingsthe media’s reaction was to shrug it off and move on.

This brings me to today’s topic: The most embarrassing quarterback moment in camp yet, Deshaun Watson’s non-release. (Russell Wilson also got a pass because I already He wrote about it this weekBut rest assured, if I don’t, Repeat “Let’s Ride” Like Scorsese behind the camera could have done the countdown.)

Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield are trying to outdo each other

There is a group being made around the top three picks from the same draft vying for the Carolina Panthers Center in QB1. (No? Do only the quirky stats departments really care about this? OK.) Regardless of how you feel about a couple of quarterbacks who are expected to be frustrated throughout their careers, Darnold and Mayfield are making foam in an effort to figure out who starts the season on the field.

There’s already a fan favorite out there, and you’ll be shocked to learn that he’s the new guy who’s been in a million progressive commercials. There is no quarterback deprived player that fans love more than the man who hasn’t sucked for the past year. The reception was so favorable to Baker that a reporter asked Darnold about it.

Darnold was able to dismiss the uncomfortable question with a mild response, She says, with a smile, “I heard a couple,” A reference to the chants. Love her. I’m not sure he’ll bring out the charisma of Mayfield, but it’s not a bad start.

Perhaps this exchange wasn’t as awkward as the actual practice, which headed down Darnold’s Road.

We’ll see how much of the position battle is left on the field as opposed to the stands, but the two seem to have more than just a total interception last year (13 each).

Mitch Trubesky vs Pittsburgh

Tired of just thinking about waving a horrible towel to Mitch Trubesky, a Steelers fan waited for all 3 passes before yelling “Get Kenny over there!” There were a few boos after that, too, and if Darnold thinks he got a bad draw against Mayfield, at least he’s not fighting a hometown champ devoid of the NFL tape and last watched as they slip into fan hearts.

Calls for Kenny Beckett have already begun, and there is no reason – other than his principled stance – for Mike Tomlin to believe Trubisky is the answer. I trust the Steelers head coach, and if he chooses to allow his rookie striker to start the season on the sidelines, he will have good reason.

We’re three years after Tomlin going 8-8 with Duck and Mason under center. I have confidence that Kenny and Mitch can achieve similar results. I’m also sure to “get Kenny there!” It’s the cutest sarcasm Trubisky has heard all season.

Your son Kirk cousins

He immediately cut to Vikings fans saying, “He’s not my son.” The beleaguered Cousins, who embodies everything Minnesota fans fear about the quarterback, was asked about new general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s comments about the lack of a “that” quarterback.

“I didn’t think much about training camp being so busy and taking up so much of our time,” Cousins ​​said. “So I’m not too worried about that.”

While Adofo-Mensah is back USA Today interviewCertainly, his quotes did not sound as theoretical as he intended. Minnesota obviously doesn’t have Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, but when you say that, the dots are going to be connected — in appropriate context or otherwise.

Only once do I want the reporter to ask Kirk why he is so good at stifling leads. Is it hereditary? Is it a learned skill? Did he show that kind of promise as a kid? Was there one type of potato sack in particular losing him that led to this moment?

Now these are the kind of tricky and confusing exchanges that Sportscenter has shut down for.