opinion | The Zelenskys are in Vogue. This makes her smart and not silly.


It is hard to imagine a more foolish reason for refusing support for Ukraine than the fact that the nation’s desperate leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, Photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue.

However, the Internet is the Internet, This is exactly what happened. Apparently, spending time in a photo session between fighting brutal Russian efforts to dismember his country and destroy its people is an argument for ending US support for the Ukrainian war effort.

Zelensky’s supposed lack of seriousness—who defied predictions that he would escape when Russian tanks intervened—was an undercurrent of arguments put forward by Russia-friendly instrumentals.

How are we supposed to take this guy seriously when he does Photo session with Ben Stiller? How can he lead his own when He is speaking to my love? Why World leaders take pictures with him When are there more pressing concerns, such as inflation in their own countries or rising energy prices?

Put aside the totally crazy idea that a world leader can’t meet celebrities in the midst of a global crisis – and it’s a ghost idea Winston Churchill And the Franklin D. Roosevelt likely to argue. Let’s be real: Zelensky meets Western celebrities and appears in celebrity-focused magazines because that’s the only way to keep the crisis in his country first in the minds of the American public.

This is because if a celebrity, influencer, or model of some celebrity is not introduced to the American public in conjunction with a story, they will likely stop paying attention.

We have noticeably weak attention spans. And frankly, the news from Ukraine is a bit old. The plot has passed on the hair for a long time. We need some chapter two edges, really: you can’t expect us to care yet another Russian atrocities, right? It felt like everything had been trampling the water in there for a while. What is this Netflix show? Cut the bulge.

This is a cold, calculated truth. Without support from the West, Ukraine will fall. Its borders will be redistributed at the whim of a Russian tyrant; And its people will suffer horrors they have not seen since the height of the Great Famine, when the Soviet Union embarked on a campaign of forced starvation in Ukraine.

Accusing Zelensky of not being serious is just a projection on behalf of the American people: If anyone would be deemed not serious, it’s us. That he exploits a lack of seriousness is not a blow against him but a reminder that Zelensky understands the power of optics in modern warfare.

I am less offended than Russian agents who simply hate Ukraine’s independence and hope to see the country torn apart in order to prove that the Russian bear should not be messed with. Their ugly opinions are predictable.

Most worrisome are those, particularly on the right, who at least nominally supported Ukraine – or, at least, did not actively oppose the sending of US aid to the beleaguered country and its people – but were rejected by the fact that Zelensky would appear in Vogue, the well-known home of Liberal celebritiesThis, well, makes them reconsider the whole attempt.

If your support for Western democracy is so weak that it collapses the moment one of its leaders steps in front of Hasselblad in Leibovitz, it doesn’t really matter what happens in Ukraine: the West is already lost.

Instead of getting angry at a desperate politician trying to save his country from destruction, perhaps you could redirect your desire to a country that is turning Ukrainian cities into rubble and forcibly moving their population all over the Russian mainland. There are bad guys in this struggle. Volodymyr Zelensky is not among them.