NBC World Series schedule and matches

Hutchinson Monarchs' Joey Baran celebrates scoring during the game against the Kingman Islanders on July 9 at Hobart-Detter Field.

Hutchinson Monarchs coach Deron McCoy said he knew his team would wake up and pay off soon.

That statement he made after beating the Twins 2-1 again on June 23 was in support of him as the Kings finished the season as the hottest club in the Sunflower Collegiate in recent times, despite 7-5. Loss in the series and the regular end of the season against Newton Slugin’s rebels on Thursday.

The Monarchs finished the regular season 29-8 overall, 25-7 in the league, to finish second in the Sunflower standings behind Cheney Diamond Dawgs.

The final stretch of the AFC Champions League for 2020 and 2021 included wins in 11 of the last 14 games of the regular season.

As an organization, the Kings have now struck their ticket to the NBC World Championship for the sixth consecutive year and the eleventh time in the organization’s history. In the last two seasons, the Kings made it to the championship rounds, finishing third in 2020 and tied for sixth place in 2021.