Hendrick Motorsports and Acronis Expand Partnership to 2025

William Byron Acronis

Acronis and Hendrick Motorsports have extended their partnership until the 2025 season. Acronis will sponsor William Byron at the Indianapolis Road and Bristol Tournament in 2022. Photo courtesy of Hendrick Motorsports.

Acronis, the global leader in electronic backup protection and the Official Electronic Security Partner of Hendrick Motorsports, has expanded its marketing and technology relationship with 14-time NASCAR Cup Series champions through 2025.

with renewal, Acronis He will join title contender William Byron as the primary sponsor for two races this season and will continue as a principal co-owner of Hendrick Motorsports with brands positioning across the company’s entire four-car lineup for the term of the agreement.

The #24 Acronis Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 will appear at Sunday’s road event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Sept. 17 race at Bristol Motor Speedway. The hood will showcase Acronis partner and cloud distributor Climb Channel Solutions.

“Recommitting to this partnership is a no-brainer for everyone involved, and we are proud that it will help underscore our important work with Climb,” said Pat Hurley, Acronis Vice President and General Manager for the Americas. “Hendrick Motorsports understands the risks associated with managing large amounts of data, and with its #CyberFit ready arsenal of services, Acronis is proud to give them peace of mind, keeping them safe and protected so the team can stay focused on the track – where they belong.”

With a unique combination of automation and integration, Acronis provides complete electronic protection. Its solutions protect data, applications, systems, and productivity from loss, theft, and downtime – from cyberattacks and hardware failures to natural disasters and human error. Hendrick Motorsports protects its data, applications, systems, and end-to-end racing operations through the use of Acronis for cyber protection, security, backup, anti-ransomware, and disaster recovery.

“Because we have to be on the cutting edge at all times, motorsports require significant investments in technology,” said Jeff Andrews, President and General Manager, Hendrik Motorsports. “Our partnership with Acronis gives us confidence that our resources are always protected, allowing us to focus on competing at the tournament level each week. We are pleased to continue working together to help promote products and services that our team trusts.”

Byron, 24, is a rising star in NASCAR. With 21 races this season, he is expected to be the fourth seed in the Cup qualifiers and second in the racing series. With two wins in 2022, Charlotte, North Carolina, snatched its fourth straight berth.

“It means a lot that Acronis sees great value in our software,” Byron said. “I am excited to hit the racetrack with their paint scheme this weekend in Indy and in qualifying in Bristol. Our #24 team is working hard to carry the momentum into the fall and compete for the championship. We are proud to have Acronis on board as we continue to push toward that goal.” .

Climbing Channel Solutions is a professional IT distributor and a key partner of Acronis. The company connects partners, vendors, and end users to the emerging technology, global distribution network, and sales and marketing support they need to accelerate and scale business in the channel. Acronis’ sponsorship of Hendrick Motorsports will highlight Climb’s commitment to providing its partners with access to the best and fastest-growing technology and services available.

Acronis Marketing and Technology Relationship with Hendrick Motorsports Started in August 2020 With an agreement extending until June 2023. It has a global presence in professional sports that includes Team Partnerships in the NBA, NFL, English Premier League, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and across a variety of motorsport series.

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