Gardeners ask Creekside to help beautify the village garden – Eagle News Online

CAZENOVIA – Creekside Gardeners is currently looking for additional volunteers to help advance their mission of beautifying Creekside Park at Cazenovia, a unique space located below the Casanovia Public Library parking lot.

The village park officially opened in September 2019, and is located along Chittenango Creek on Riverside Drive.

The project is made possible by a Central New York Community Foundation grant, which was secured by the Casanovia Community Development Association (CACDA), with support from Project CAFÉ, Common Grounds, Casanovia Garden Club, Friends of the Library, and a donation from the Ninos family .

“Since then, Cazenovia Village has been generous with its time and resources in helping with park maintenance, and community volunteers have worked to keep the space looking great for children, families, and community members — runners, walkers, fishermen,” said Creekside Gardeners volunteer Wendy Everard.

CACDA Executive Director Lauren Lines led the formation of Creekside Gardeners last summer.

Lines explained that because CACDA helped the village secure funding for the park’s installation, the organization wanted to help make sure it was maintained.

“[The group] It kind of developed organically,” “A few people approached me last year asking me about it. This inspired me to ask a few people I thought would be interested. Then we posted on social media to connect with the community.”

Evard, contacted by Lines last year, said she joined out of a desire to help beautify and care for Cazenovia’s public spaces.

“Personally, I only participated out of a sense of pride and civic duty,” Everard said.

Since the team’s formation, the team has devoted many hours to planting flowers, trees, mulching, and weeding the park.

“Our volunteer farmers have had an enormous impact on the park,” said Village Mayor President Kurt Wheeler. “It is an intentionally natural space, but without their efforts, the dominant and invasive species can roam the wild among plantations. The garden is beautiful, lush, and diverse thanks to their collective green thumb.”

Wheeler added that the village maintains structures, stone dust trails, and adjacent parking lots, but the detailed and time-consuming nature of weeding and planting makes it difficult for village workers to keep up.

“The village is incredibly grateful to the gentlemen of Creekside Gardeners,” he said.

This summer, park volunteers gather to work on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m.

“We have seven adults who participate regularly and [we] Five to six students were joining us periodically,” said Lines. . . Our volunteers have been great at bringing plants from their own gardens and have asked friends and neighbors for perennials and ground covers to fill them in. [The space is] It evolves as we see what’s good and where there are gaps.”

Any member of the community interested in volunteering to help beautify the park is encouraged to stop by on Tuesday evenings or at any other convenient time.

High school students can get community service hours for their work by bringing a community service form, which is available at the high school office, with them every Tuesday and signing an adult member of Creekside Gardeners into their office hours.

Community members/families are also invited to ‘adopt’ a portion of the garden as their own aspect of conservation.

Any questions can be directed to Lines at [email protected]

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