First impressions from first practice

Oxnard, California – And they took off.

The Cowboys are holding their first training at Camp 2022 here in Southern California.

Head coach Mike McCarthy gives his first solo press conference at camp.

Nearly a half-dozen players were made available for their first camp interviews, and that included fun Ezekiel Elliott on the main stage and Dak Prescott is expected to follow on Thursday.

Just remember to take a lot of this out over the next few days with caution, especially when it comes to solo or group performances. It was the first of four scheduled exercises for helmets, jerseys and shorts, according to the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. Contact is minimal during this period of intensification, in an effort to prevent unnecessary soft tissue injuries from the start.

And while coaches are accustomed to crushing players during training camp, McCarthy and all 31 other NFL coaches are only allowed 11 hours a day of player time, the clock starts showing from the first mandatory meeting, lift or activity On the field through the final mandatory team event. Let it be.

“We have to hit the limit,” McCarthy said of what they can accomplish in those 11 hours. “They have to understand that this is going fast.”

But hey, the thermostat is conducive to all the work you can squeeze in here. At 6:30 this morning, the temperature was 58 degrees, and by the time the Cowboys hit the training ground for one of those mini-camp-type drills, it was mid-sixties with a high of 68 today. And that’s with the sun shining most of the day for the first time so far in three days here.

So, we’d better start shooting some exciting shots In a hurry.

  • Welcome to sight: While Cowboys WR Michael Gallup in PUP and rookie LB Damone Clark was expected to put on the NFI prior to this first practice, LB Jabril Cox’s status was not certain since last year’s fourth-round draft pick spent the entire season. Rehabilitation after knee surgery to repair an anterior cruciate ligament tear. Well there was No. 14 in blue on the field again, not just resuming training, but coming out with the second-team defense at line-back along with Luke Gifford. The Cowboys aren’t deep in the linebacker position after rookies Micah Parsons and Leighton Vander Eich, so they really need Cox to be a strong outside quarterback and maybe grab some picks in the nickel two-line defense, along with becoming a key participant in the specials.
  • look over there: This should be a welcome sight for the Cowboys coaching team, and maybe you too. When the first team offensive began on the field, the three recipients of Duck Prescott were CeeDee Lamb, James Washington and Jalen Tolbert. Remember, Washington signed up for free agency for the depth veteran at the awkward reception spot but missed all the OTA exercises and mini-camps with a sore ankle tendon. Lamb and Tolbert also missed some of those drills. But knowing the supposed second receiver Gallup will likely miss the first month of the season, seeing these three men on the field at the same time allays the receiver’s heightened fears after trading away from Amari Cooper and not being able to re-sign. Free agent Cedric Wilson. Noah Brown, Simi Vihoku and Dennis Houston left with the second team.
  • Jerry said: Speaking of this year’s team, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said at the opening press conference that he is optimistic despite losing several veterans from last year’s team, namely Cooper, Randy Gregory and Lyle Collins. He was saying, “Last year I thought we had a chance to run in this race and had people in their places if we were healthy, we might get them. And I think we’re in better shape.” Meaning this year. Part of me thought Jones was also referring to the fact that the Cowboys have nearly $20 million in cover space. If they need to fill an emergency gap somewhere, they actually, for a change, have money in kitty to sign a veteran free agent still out there.
  • DC playback: The Cowboys may have finished ninth in the dash race last year, and Zeke crossed the 1,000-yard mark in the final game of the 17-game (1,002) season. So, when McCarthy was asked if he was pleased with his pass rate last year, he had a lengthy explanation of how many factors could determine that from game to game. But his most important comment about the running game was: “You have to run the ball when you have to run the ball… You have to have a phone when you run it no matter what.” That means in the middle between tackles when the defense knows you’re going to run right at them.
  • First impressions: Speaking of Elliott, McCarthy said, “He’s all about football,” and went on to say, “When you think of your uniform, you think of his running style. That was always my first impression. I remember the first time I saw him, 2016, I was on The other sideline, he came running on the sidelines, “Oh my God, look at the size on that guy’s head.” He’s just a different runner. He can run really fast. He’s just a strong runner.” The coach seems to be happy that he is his. There is no mention of further footage sharing with Tony Pollard.
  • On guard: I thought it was interesting that while Conor McGovern came out again with the left guard first team attack as he did during the OTAs and small camp and first round pick Tyler Smith with the second team, there were times when Smith got shots in the left guard with the first team. This is worth watching the competition.
  • Termination or interference: You may have to start calling these guys just a defensive line. During those off-season drills, Chauncey Goulston was seen in the third round draft last year working more defensively than the defensive end he was on in 2021. It was written off as simply trying to be versatile. Well, that versatility could be more than that as nearly all of Golston’s shots came on Wednesday in a three-tech defensive intervention. After all, Goulston is 6-5, 277, a good dinner from 280. There were also shots with his left defense end dashing DeMarcus Lawrence in on the tackle during his two-minute attack drill. Why, up to the defensive end in the second round, Sam Williams was seen inside when interfering in fast-passing situations, he, too, 6-4, 261.

Today’s final word goes to junior Williams when he explains how he’s been working on some sort of art stuff after his last Cowboys mini session. When asked where he does all the work, Williams, who played college ball for the Ole Miss and grew up in Alabama, said this to say about his first experience in Texas.

“I was around. I was in Texas the whole time. I don’t know anyone in Texas, so when I say I’ve been bored, I need new friends. Whoever listens, you will, if you need new friends, let me know.”

“Because let me tell you, I was bored. I just came home, and after that I have my son. We went to this place called Lifetime (the health club). It’s a new place in Frisco where they can watch my son in action It was a very interesting experience. I’m trying to learn Texas and other things, but very exciting, very exciting.”