California needs facilities to deal with a mental health crisis

Lauren Hepler July 12th article In a grand jury report detailing Alameda County’s failure to meet the needs of those with mental health issues, homelessness on mental health assets and the state’s housing crisis: California emptied state psychiatric hospitals more than 50 years ago, leaving local jurisdictions to replace them with facilities that haven’t been never built.

Given this root cause, why not reopen or develop new psychiatric hospitals? Why isn’t such a move discussed at least as a partial solution?

Is it because that would be too expensive or politically sensitive? I can’t imagine it would be less controversial than spending $500 million a year on behavioral health services, as Alameda County does, while failing to assess the impact of the services, Ms. Hepler reported.

So far, the closest state is Governor Newsom’s proposed Kerr Courts, which allow one-year court-ordered treatment in severe psychiatric cases. Courts may provide limited help, but the bigger problem will remain unless the closed psychiatric facilities that were meant to be replaced are restored or built.

Robert Celna, Piedmont

Many types of racism

Steve Copman wrote that Ann Hsu’s remarks were not racist but simply careless, rude, and overly generalized”Commenting on parenting and education is not racist,(Letters, July 26). The problem is that neglectful overgeneralization is exactly what racism is.

He said he was not racist because racism believes that one race is superior to another. But racial superiority is simply one type of racism.

Racism is making assumptions and judgments about people based solely on their race. This is exactly what Ms. Hsu did.

For Mr. Koopman to say that it is not only okay for Mrs. Hsu to say that black parents do not encourage their children to do well in school – and by implication that they do not care whether their children do it well and better for themselves – it is a massive insult to every black parent in San Francisco .

Chris Hammond, San Rafael

defeat for global unity

your story”Moscow leaves the International Space Station (News, July 27) It made a sad read.

Misunderstandings and disagreements between nations should not jeopardize this innovative endeavour, which is bound to bring a treasure trove of information for the benefit and enlightenment of mankind. The most prudent thing Russia can do is not to withdraw from the International Space Station, but to contribute more of its experience and expertise.

Vaithanathan Subramanian, Lafayette

Bring Greiner home

Britney Greiner sits in a Russian prison, on trial for possession of cannabis cartridges found in her bag, allegedly for medical purposes.

Many who commit crimes that actually hurt people are released, such as Kenosha’s killer and the former insurrection chief. However, Greiner pleaded guilty in the hope of a plea bargain and prisoner exchange between our two countries.

Many Americans are outraged by Britney’s prison, and blame Russia, even though many are oblivious or unconcerned. they must. We need to bring Britney home!

Mitchell Goldman, Richmond

vote or deal with

Legislatures and governors in many states have passed strict laws restricting reproductive choice. Fortunately, there are elections coming up in November, and again in 2024, when the people of those states can remove these legislators and governors and replace them with people who will repeal those laws. If they don’t, they will have to bear the consequences.

Nicholas Tado, San Ramon