Books for Pepes: 7 Spanish and Bilingual Books

Looking for new picks to add to your Spanish-language chalkboard book collections? These seven titles fit perfectly in little hands and are well suited for time periods and child’s story time.

Looking for new picks to add to your Spanish-language chalkboard book collections? These seven titles fit perfectly in little hands and are well suited for time periods and child’s story time.

a For Váriz Astasio, Mrinali. Pesitos de Bebe. delusion. By Mrinali Alvarez Astasio. 32 p. Destellos Editorial. December 2021. Board $12. ISBN 9781732073180. SP
This vibrant and interactive Spanish language book is a celebration of children’s feet. Colorful illustrations show baby’s footprints on a variety of backgrounds, such as the sun, flowers, fish and lively sky. Little feet step on the grass, flutter like butterfly wings, and jump while the child plays. They look giant next to an ant or small next to a caregiver’s hand. The enchanting art of Puerto Rican author and illustrator Alvarez Estacio will inspire children playing silly games with their ten little fingers. The variety and patterns of feet shows that just as all babies are unique, so are their little feet. Illustrations accompany calm lyrical Spanish text. It can easily be used as a lullaby. The recent deployment of children ensures that their feet will take them far. judgment An excellent and unique addition to your Spanish chalkboard book collections. Selenia Buzz

Dudney, Anna. Llama colors. ISBN 9780593464052.
––––. Llama Llama Numeros. ISBN 9780593464076.
EA folder: illus. by J.T. Morrow. 16 p. Aprendiendo con Llama Llama). Viking. March 2022. Board of Directors. 6.99 US dollars. SP
babyEveryone’s favorite llama is back in these Spanish-language books to explore colors and numbers. Additionally, these volumes touch on food literacy and cleaning. in colorsThe llama wants to paint, but he must finish his meal first. Green for peas and orange for carrots, each color represented by a delicious fruit or vegetable. On the last page, the llama has drawn a picture on his plate with his leftovers which gives “playing with your food” a new picture. in Numeros, A cuddly llama counts down from 10 as he picks up the clutter in his room and helps his mom with the chores – 10 books on shelves, nine lined blocks, eight washing and drying dishes. For the most part, the items being counted are clearly represented so that readers can practice their counting skills. However, there are moments when items are hard to locate, and it’s a missed opportunity. However, this does not detract from the charm of the book. Both volumes feature bright illustrations in primary colors. The light text and rhyme make these perfect for naps or glitches. judgment Great choice of location llama llama They are my favorite books and the Spanish language needs them. –Chile M Diaz

Rodriguez, Patti and Ariana Stein. Hyatt / La Vida de Chico. ISBN 9781948066051.
––––. Hyatt / La Vida de Pura. ISBN 9781948066143.
EA folder: illus. by Citlali Reyes. 22 p. (A bilingual picture book biography). Lil Liberos. May 2022. Board of Directors. $10.99 USD. BL
Toddler – PreS – The latest installment in the Lil’ Libros biography series continues the lives of important figures in Latinx history. in ShikoReaders learn about Chico Mendes, a conservationist who was the leading figure in the fight against deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. Kids will admire his bravery as he stares at tractors and threatens to destroy his home and family. in Bora, children are treated to the life story of storyteller, puppeteer and librarian Pura Pilberry, the first Puerto Rican librarian at the New York Public Library. She went on to write the first Spanish-language book published by a major American publishing house. These jewel-coloured bilingual board books showcase the childhoods, struggles, triumphs, and influence of the characters’ legacy. Digital art is child-friendly, and sometimes gives the heroes childish looks. Most of the text is on the right-hand page, with the English narration at the top and the Spanish version at the bottom. Although their stories are told in child-friendly language, some words like BaronsAnd the EnableAnd the VitalityAnd the ThriveAnd the Main land, would require an explanation. All people have brown or black skin. judgment gems. Buy places where autobiographical books are popular. –Chile M Diaz

Tickintrop, Britta. Leo va a la peluquería. delusion. by Britta Teckentrup. 36 p. NubeOcho. July. 2022. Board $12.99. ISBN 9788418133954. SP
PreS-K – The lion has not been to the salon for some time and needs a new haircut and hairstyle. Accompanied by his monkey friend, Leo washes and dries his hair before he starts trying new hairstyles. Should he choose curly hair? braids? Blonde or red hair? Leo experiments with several hairstyles before finally settling on the perfect one – the classic lion mane. This simple and fun title features colorful collage shaped illustrations of characters and items, such as shampoo and brushes, all on a bright white background. Short Spanish sentences are easy to read and contain bold words for emphasis. This eye-catching title is sure to become one of their frequent outings for young readers. The cut out pages and the tall cut size will make it stand out among the usual board book fare. judgment A great (and stylish) addition to children’s Spanish board book collections. Selenia Buzz

Van Gensten, Gedo. Porque te amo mucho. delusion. by Guido van Gensten. 24 p. Clavis. 2022. Board of Directors $12.95. ISBN 9781605377568. SP
PreS-Gr 1 The little polar bear Kobito may be young, but he already knows a lot about the world. He knows where to find the best fish and that the cold can really bite, but his mother’s hug makes everything nice and warm. He knows he needs to stay close to his mother just in case the ice starts to break down. But there are some things Kobeto doesn’t know. What makes snow? And why do polar bears have white fur and black skin? But Kopito’s mother knows, and she knows something much more important – how much Kopito loves. This Spanish board book shares the daily life of a polar bear and its mother while Copito learns many things. The majestic blue-and-white color palette introduces Kubito’s snowy world, and the Spanish script lovingly shares what Kubito is learning – while offering a gentle commentary on Kubito’s intimate relationship with his mother. A tender story that proves that no matter what happens, Kopito’s mother’s love for her child is certain. judgment An attractive addition to Spanish board book collections, and a great choice for fans of Emma Dodd. Selenia Buzz

Shelley M. Diaz is the review editor at School Library Journal.

Selenia Paz was formerly at the Harris County Public Library, Texas.