Boise State, head coach Leon Rice agrees extension to 2027

The new five-year contract increases Rice’s salary by $150,000 for next year and raises his compensation to $900,000 for fiscal year 2023.

Boise, Idaho — The winning coach in Boise State men’s basketball history will remain in the city of trees until 2027. Leon Rice and Boise State University have agreed a new five-year contract, athletics director Jeremiah Dickey announced Wednesday.

Subject to approval by the Idaho State Board of Education, Rice’s salary will increase by $150,000 for the next year. The new deal Head coach compensation payout to $900,000 for fiscal year 2023.

Rice’s salary will then rise by $50,000 in each of the remaining four years of his contract after 2023. According to Boise State Athletics, the agreement gives Rice the opportunity for up to three one-year extensions. Each extension will increase Rice’s annual salary by $50,000.

Rice outscored Bobby Day during the 2020-2021 season as Boise State’s men’s basketball all-time winner. The Broncos made seven post-season appearances in Rice’s 12 years directing the program.

“I am humbled and happy to be able to lead Broncos basketball into the future,” said Rice. “Our success is made possible not only by the players and coaches, but the incredible support of the Boise State Department. Specifically, I want to thank President Marilyn Trump, Director Athletic Jeremiah Dickey, and Director of the Men’s Basketball Program Cody Gugler for their commitment and dedication to the basketball program We will continue to work daily to represent the Boise community with pride and excellence in everything we do.”

Boise State’s bold 2021-2022 squad raised the bar for men’s basketball at the Bronco, becoming the first team in the program to win the Mountain West Conference.

The Broncos have a total of 27 wins — including 15 conference wins and 14 consecutive wins — en route to an NCAA Championship appearance. The Rice Group also won the first Mountain West Conference program crown for the regular season in 2022.

Boise State’s total wins, conference wins, and back-to-back victories during the 2021-2022 campaign each set Broncos men’s basketball records.

Rice led Boise State to nine victories 20 times in his 12 years at the helm of the state. The Bronco leader took home his second Mountain West Coach of the Year award after the historic race.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the present and future of Boise State men’s basketball under Leon Rice,” Dickey said. “Coach Rice has built a successful program on and off the field and I am grateful for his commitment to preparing our youth for life. As we continue to make significant investments in our basketball program, I am confident that this next chapter, led by Coach Rice, will be a source of pride for the Broncos nation.”

Rice’s achievements in the City of Trees gained national recognition this summer. Rice served as an assistant coach for the USA Men’s Under-18 Basketball Team in the 2022 American Men’s Under-18 Basketball Championships.

The Boise State coach served along with Mike Boynton Jr. of Oklahoma State and Tad Boyle of Colorado on the United States crew. Rice helped the national team win a gold medal, finishing the tournament with a record 6-0, while beating opponents with an average of 56.7 points per game.

In other men’s basketball news, Boise State Athletics announced that the Broncos Athletic Association has received commitments of $1.25 million to the Arguinchona Basketball Complex.

Back in April, Boise State announced its plans for a major athletics village. The plan includes upgrades to the Broncos Performance Center and Training Room.

The Hoops complex plan also features a modern weight room for Boise’s men’s and women’s basketball, as well as an office suite for both programs and a new video board at the Broncos gym.

For more information about Boise State’s Home Athletics Village, visit the link below:

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