Bodybuilders’ obsession with size is killing them

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger told Insider that some elite bodybuilders are taking the sport so far it’s killing them.
  • He said they are obsessed with size, lift weights too heavy for their hamstrings, and take steroids.
  • Schwarzenegger said the rise in bodybuilding has been generally positive.

Arnold Schwarzenegger told Insider that some elite bodybuilders have taken the sport too far and are so obsessed with their size that they’re killing them.

Lifting weights is a positive for the vast majority of people, but some competitors take it to the extreme and only care about “size, size, volume” The myth of bodybuilding He said.

The obsession with bulking up and building muscle is known as muscle dysmorphia — or “bigorexia” — and is estimated to affect 10% of men, as Bethany Dawson reported from Insider.

“They have taken it, in my opinion, too far. It has become very competitive,” he said in an interview via Zoom, adding, “They will take more and more things that they are not supposed to, and sometimes it kills people.”

The most dangerous sport in the world

A series of deaths in the bodybuilding community in recent years has led Schwarzenegger to describe the sport as… The most dangerous in the world Last year, as Gabe Landsverk reported from Insider.

“The more intense it gets, and the more competitive the top athletes are, the more they lift weights that weren’t meant for the body,” Schwarzenegger told Insider.

The use of performance-enhancing drugs and steroids is common in elite bodybuilders, but it can lead to many long-term health risks such as testicular atrophy, infertility, heart attacks, by search.

“Sometimes they take drugs that damage their health and make it so strong that the tendons and bones weren’t meant for that weight, and then the situation becomes really dangerous,” Schwarzenegger said.

2014 paper from Harvard University Steroid use has been shown to have risen since the 1980s and is likely to increase over the coming decades. Dr. Harrison Pope, a leading researcher in the field of doping, He previously said from the inside The use of these drugs is associated with “Begorxia”.

Schwarzenegger said that many sports are dangerous at the elite level

Schwarzenegger says that bodybuilding is no more dangerous than a lot of other sports when it comes to the “extreme elite” level. He looks like her skiing.

“When you ski, there are people skiing on their slopes in the powder, in the poles, and having a great time. These are the recreational skiers, it’s so much fun for these guys to go skiing,” he said. . “But competitive skating, racing, it got more dangerous and was sometimes fatal, and it’s the same with bodybuilding.”

In 2017, for example, French skater David Poisson Died while training.

Schwarzenegger said the benefits of bodybuilding have been “enormous worldwide.”

Schwarzenegger thinks BodyBuilding In general, positive, provided that you do not overdo it.

“The benefits of bodybuilding have been enormous all over the world,” he said.

When performed safely, weightlifting has many positive effects including building muscle, burning body fat, strengthening bones and joints, reducing injury risks, and improving heart health. Marisa Cruz Lemar reported from Insider.

Schwarzenegger believes that bodybuilding has been “one of the greatest benefits of human development and physical growth in the past 50 years.”

He cites the huge number of gyms that opened over his lifetime.

“There’s a gym in every hotel, every YMCA, every gym, every university, every college, every high school, every police station, every fire station, every military base, I mean, everywhere,” he said. “I’ve changed a lot”.