Arthur Moats Critical of Devin Bush as Robert Spillane gets first-team defensive reps for the Steelers

So far at the Steelers training camp in La Trobe, we’ve seen so many positives we can take from the team’s training sessions that we feel good about this team’s direction going forward. One of them is the defense play, which didn’t give breathing space for the attack because I’m sitting here writing this on the third day.

One interesting story line so far has been related to defense, in the fact that quarterback Robert Spillane found his way to earn first-team delegates, routinely with free agent Miles Jack and/or Devin Bush. On Friday, former Steelers linebacker Arthur Moates was a Guest with 93.7 Fan’s PM Team with Poni & MuellerHe was asked if there was anything to worry about.

I mean, where there’s smoke, there’s generally fire, right? Regarding Jack, Moates said that was nothing, maybe the coaches were just acclimatizing in some sub-packs. He had a very different response when it came to Bush.

“Devin Bush and Robert Spillane, I think this is legitimate, and I think this is real, and he has legs because Devin Bush opened the door. Not of anything he did in the OTA period or even anything he did in those first two days,” Moats told Filipponi and Mueller, As per audio via 93.7 The Fan. “But you opened the door with your game since you were here. When they drafted you, we had a certain level of expectations and unfortunately, for various reasons, it didn’t live up to expectations.”

The Steelers are often not a team to jump the gun or rush to do anything, but one thing is for sure, and that is the fact that if they do a deal to acquire you in the first round, they expect a great return on their investment. They earned it with Bosch his rookie year in 2019, having spent a precious venture capital to go from their original 20th position to pick Bush at number 10. He was a side player up front in his freshman year, racking up 109 interceptions along with two interceptions. Finally, the team appeared to have found a viable replacement for Pro Bowler Ryan Shazier after losing him to a spinal injury towards the end of his career.

Then came the ACL injury in 2020. He worked tirelessly and rehabilitated to get it all back on the field in his latest season, and his work paid off, as he was already on the field for last season’s opener in Buffalo. However, he seemed far from the same player, as there was no explosion of his brand. He routinely seemed very hesitant, and his reading and interaction/play diagnostic skills seemed stuck in the mud.

Moats went on to call Spillane a superior, calling him “very fundamentally healthy” and a “brain player.” In essence, what he lacks in Bush’s God-given gifts, he makes up for in his brains. However, Moates said camp and pre-season is a good time for Bush to put some distance between himself and Sabellan.

‘Who cares what he’s doing? You should start making plays because the faster Devin [Bush] He starts making plays and it’s more consistent, and this rotation, this open competition, is going to be put to rest because at the end of the day, one of them was a top 10 pick, the other a guy we saw as a journeyman,” Moats added, according to voice via 93.7 The Fan.

Bush has admitted in the past that there is a lot of mentality that goes into this, likening it to being bitten by a dog. You don’t want to get bitten again, so a fear of dogs is normal. The same can be said for knee injuries like these, which often require rehabilitation after nine months. Now a year later, will we see Bush regain his junior year form? So far in camp he has looked promising, only yesterday eliciting an interception from tight-finish gloves Zach Gentry, his Michigan teammate. However, the team will already be looking for a lot more of it next season if Bosch has any hope of a long career in Steel City, as the team made its fifth year option earlier this season.

“There’s a lot of investment in Devin Bush, so they’re going to want to see it and they’re going to want it to be successful,” Moates added. “So all he has to do is go out there and start putting that productivity on tape and everything will work out by itself.”