A woman wrote on Airbnb only to find an abandoned villa: ‘Shattered windows’

A woman shared online how she arrived at her vacation home in Bali, Indonesia, only to find that the previously booked villa had been completely abandoned.

Brie – who uses the TikTok handle atypical_adventure – is from New Zealand and has been traveling every now and then since 2018, but only a few months ago she took the initiative to quit her nine-to-five job and travel full time.

Bree shares her adventures on TikTok, she has more than 3000 followers, but her video is handpicked Airbnb It gained more than 3 million views this month.

On July 17, Brie posted a video of the villa in Bali, which she booked for $80 a night on popular online vacation rental platform Airbnb.

Airbnb has been abandoned in Bali
Snapshots of the abandoned vacation home that captured the attention of the virus on the Internet. A traveler from New Zealand shared how she arrived at the site only to discover that it was completely deserted.
atypical_adventure / TikTok

I told NEWSWEEK: “I tried to book the villa as a surprise for my friend,” but she made it clear that things were a bit off from the start. “The location on Airbnb was completely wrong and made us go up this side street and into a common driveway. We spent at least 10 minutes searching until we googled and realized we were in the completely wrong place.”

The couple traveled another 10 minutes on the road and found the rental place, with a large registration and reception area, but no one was there to greet them.

“On the menu, she said someone would be there 24/7. I knocked on the door when I realized the place was obviously deserted,” Brie said.

In the video that has now gone viral, Bree shows footage of his vacation home, with an overlay that reads: “Totally overgrown,” “Not a single house” and “smashed windows.”

An Airbnb spokesperson said NEWSWEEK: “We were disappointed to find out more about this experience and offered our guest support at the time, including a full refund. We hold the hosts to high standards and the menu is no longer on the platform. In a rare case, something is no longer the same” Expected upon arrival for accommodation, our community support team is available 24/7 to assist. “

Airbnb was created in 2007 when two roommates started a casual bed and breakfast on the living room floor of their San Francisco apartment. Unlike the vacation rental companies that came before, Airbnb doesn’t have any rental properties on its site, but it does generate revenue through service fees as a platform for hosts to offer their homes for rent around the world.

In 2021, Airbnb was valued at $113 billion, and in the same year it reported more than 300 million nights and experiences booked through its platform.

By the time the couple found the site and discovered it was deserted, it was already late and it started to rain. While trying to figure out what to do, they were able to contact Airbnb, who apologized and immediately offered a refund.

One viewer of the video commented: “Did you stay? I would.”

In the end, Brie and her boyfriend drove over an hour to another villa to spend the night. As a content creator, Bree has collected snapshots of the experience to share on TikTok, Instagram and the website atypicaladventure.com, but she didn’t expect such a massive interaction.

famous in New Zealand

“There are 5 million people in New Zealand, which means more than half of my country’s population has seen the TikTok I made,” she said.

Responses to the viral video are filled with people shocked by the woman’s experience.

“It’s a shame it looks like a great place if it’s still running. Many places in Bali have closed due to [of the] Pandemic,” one commentator said.

“I always check for the latest reviews,” said another TikToker: “If they are over a year old I don’t book there.”

Another viewer joked: “Amazing, 5 stars.” While one commentator said: “At least there is a swimming pool.”

Airbnb . said NEWSWEEK It is extremely rare that the host does not respond before arrival. It also notes that all guests are protected by AirCover features, which include a reservation security guarantee, a check-in guarantee, a guarantee of getting what you booked, and a 24-hour security line.

“If a guest checks out a listing that doesn’t meet our standards for accuracy or quality, we will rebook the guest in a new listing of equal or greater value, or refund 100% of their money,” Airbnb explained.