5 ways to burn belly fat faster

Fat loss is different from losing weight, and is ultimately the first option that people usually look for. ! If you’re in luck, check out these 5 exercise techniques to burn belly fat faster.

Now, don’t get us wrong, targeting belly fat specifically isn’t possible. In fact, there are areas on your body where fat loss comes at the end, and I thought the belly was one of them. But there are ways you can increase the amount of fat you lose overall if you know how to adjust your training program. And this is where these methods introduced by Max Posternak can be applied.

Max Posternack is founder gravity shiftA website focused on providing training tips and advice for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. for him YouTube channel She has more than 5 million subscribers.

He decided to share some ways to burn belly fat faster. check it out.

Exercise methods to burn belly fat faster

5 ways to burn belly fat faster

1. Peripheral heart work training

Peripheral cardio training helps incorporate an element of cardio into your weight training without having to sacrifice the amount of weight you lift. “You won’t get weaker, but you will be able to burn more calories and get more done in a shorter amount of time,” Posternak says.

The best way to apply this training method is to combine an upper-body and lower-body movement into one set, or two exercises that combine opposing muscles such as the quads and hamstrings, or biceps and triceps.

For example, doing one set of bench presses immediately followed by one set of back squats after resting only after squatting. This will increase your heart rate and breathing, burning more calories in the process.

2. Cardio-acceleration training

This also involves preparing for two super workouts, but instead of two weight training exercises, you’ll do the weight training along with the cardio exercise with no rest in between.

For example, you can do a squat with a heavy weight followed by raised knees for a minute.

3. Multi-joint training

The best exercises to burn more calories and belly fat are the ones that use a lot of muscles and different parts of your body. Scrunching and compression is a great example of a multi-joint training exercise that will enhance your fat burning ability.

You can also add more exercises to make the compound movement more of a multi-joint workout – this is probably the best idea in this list of exercise methods to burn belly fat faster.

For example, you can do regular barbell raises and when you lower the bar you do burpees and push-ups. Other ideas from Posternak are the barbell squat with the push-up at the top, or the lunge with the lateral raise.

4. Projection kits

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This method breaks down more muscle tissue and will make you stronger faster. This simply means that you will perform a heavy set of any exercise, followed by dropping the weight you are carrying a bit and performing another set of uninterrupted repetitions between each set.

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Try to do each set on failure to get the best results from this training method.

5. Circuit training

There are different ways to do circuit training and you’ve probably heard of it before. Posternak believes the best way to do this is to combine 5 exercises into one giant set.

“Set the 40- to 60-second interval timer on and off for 10 seconds. 10 seconds of rest isn’t a break, it’s there so you can get to your next workout.”

Do all these exercises, back to back, without resting in between. Take a break only after you are done with them all. Take a 90-second break and then repeat the same set again.

If you want to learn more about exercise methods to burn belly fat faster, check out Max Posternak’s video below.

Video – 5 ways to exercise to burn belly fat faster

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