3 teams could field the Boston Celtics in a potential deal with Derek White

Although all the focus currently seems to be on Jaylen Brown when it comes to capabilities Boston Celtics Players to shop sometime in the near future (although we hope that doesn’t come true then), before these Kevin Durant rumors surfaced, there was, in fact, one person being considered a potential trading chip this season.

This player: Derek White.

Since the deal for Malcolm Brogdon from CEE, many have gone on to discuss how the once barren backyard of the club now looks like a stunning four-man, with the likes of Marcus Smart, Payton Pritchard and Wyatt all deserving to see plenty of space. Play time within the rotation.

Now, for the vast majority of people, in no way should this be seen as a problem for the team, because having too many high-quality talent in the most important position in the game is undoubtedly one of the best “problems” you face.

However, looking at the rest of their rotation, even though they had definitely boosted their overall talent pool, there were still some loopholes that could use some padding, and buying a player in their deepest position could be seen as a quality way to tackle said areas.

Looking at the Boston Rangers rotation, it appears that of all the names that can be hung on the commercial market, D. White is the most likely candidate.

We at His Highness deeply love the 28-year-old and appreciate everything he has been able to do for the Boston Celtics since joining the organization in February of last season, but as a result of their roster adjustment, if Brad Stevens and his teammates. We were able to replace him with a player who would better assist him with access to this ambitious squad in the tournament, we will fully understand the decision to part with him.

Frankly, if White were indeed put on the scene, there’s no doubt that a host of teams would come to claim his services, as he is a well-respected two-way talent with a knack for making the right plays in pursuit of victory. And in such a case, we believe 3 teams, in particular, will ensure that the veteran guard is inquired:

Potential trading partner of the Boston Celtics No. 1 Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves have shown they are willing to take steps in order to try to better improve their roster going forward, and this was on full display with the massive deal that landed them All-Star Center, Rudy Gobert.

Unfortunately, although this deal gave the team a lot of power up front with the new dynamic duo of Stifle Tower and Karl-Anthony Towns, in order to make things work, the T-Wolves had to go all out in guarding the incredibly valuable combo. Patrick Beverly believes in the exchange.

Pat Biff, who was working full time last year for the organization, has been an essential part of the team’s tandem backyard. D’Angelo Russellserves as a highly efficient diffuser and a great defensive choice to help hide D-Lo blemishes at this end of the floor.

Now, that he’s gone, Minnesota finds itself with no apparent alternative in the two as we approach the regular season.

Sure, they could look forward to recently signing Bryn Forbes to take up the role, or perhaps even slipping Anthony Edwards into the shooting range, but given the success they’ve seen while running a double protection team hired last year, that might be a wish for general manager Tim Connelly. To continue this strategy, and if that’s the case, Derek White might be an interesting option to help them out right away.

Having proven already capable of reconciling the dominant players on the ball during his time at both San Antonio (the two played alongside Dejaunt Murray) and with the Boston Celtics (Jason Tatum, Jaylene Brown and Marcus Smart), White’s ball-endurance abilities can That handling of tasks with Russell, along with his well-established defensive edge, would help bridge the gap within the backcourt now that Beverly is in Utah.